Hotel Rolex, Pondicherry


This place has been on my list for a very long time. Have not been able to try for different reasons. But, this time braved the brimming crowd in this shop and went ahead to take a table after waiting for a considerable amount of time. The actions near the Tawa area is so exciting that waiting for a table was not even a hassle.

For the size of the shop, the varieties they offer is quiet a lot. One of the few eateries in Pondy that’s open past Midnight. Opens for operations after 6.30 PM and goes on till 1 AM, I’m told. Ambience is on par with any Parotta Kadai eatery.

Started the meal with 2 Parottas (₹10/pc). It comes with 2 types of Complimentary Gravies – Prawn Gravy and Chicken Gravy. Prawn Gravy was slightly on the sweeter side so I preferred the Chicken Gravy for my Parottas. Eventhough there were complimentary Salna given, I ended up ordering the Aatukal Paaya (Lamb Trotters) Gravy (₹140). Falling-off-the-bones type Paaya in it’s Coconut based gravy was superb in taste.

While waiting for the table, I watched the making of Egg Dosai and I noticed that they add a special gravy to all their Egg Dosai orders. There wasn’t much impact on the tastebuds from the additional spicy gravy, so, the Egg Dosai (₹40) was pretty decent. The Egg Lappa (₹30) was very good, though.

Total bill was ₹780 along with a Kalakki which I didn’t taste and a few parceled items for folks at home.

Address and Location:
Near Ratna Cinema, Anna Salai, Puducherry, 605001


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