Bombay Lassi, Triplicane:


If you’d not heard about or visited this place, then all I can do is feel sad for you. This place undoubtedly is one of it’s kind and truly amazing.

Even though, it’s known for it’s Lassi, I always start off with the Jalebi (₹14/50 gm) as that’s what I love most here along with their Gajar Ka Halwa (Carrot Halwa), which I didn’t have this time. The slightly smashed Samosa (₹14/pc) drenched in two types of Chutneys is something which is visually appealing as well as satisfying the palate, too. Basundi (₹22/50 gm) is simply out-of-this-world types. Dip that Jalebi in Basundi and savour it to attain Nirvana. Wash it all down all with a glass of Lassi (₹35).

Totally paid ₹146 along with some takeaway.

Address and location:
Bombay Lassi
No: 7, Barbar Agan Street, Ellis Road, Near Mount Road, Behind Devi Theatre, Chennai, Tamil Nadu 600002
044 2851 0364


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