Vimalam Mess, Anna Nagar East:


It feels nice to see a lot of new places mushrooming in the city. No doubt that a lot of effort, money and resources are invested by all of them. But, there are a few missing crucial elements that might be overlooked because of which all the other efforts become useless. Vimalam Mess, good interiors, decent service (it was a new crew and still not fully trained) but the food could certainly have been better, if a little care/concentration was given by the Kitchen Team.

Nandu Milagu Saaru (₹95) was more like a spicy water with an overdose of Red Chilli Powder. It was not edible. Attiraichi Kola Urundai (₹160/4 pc) tasted decent. I’ve had better ones, undoubtedly. Their Non-Vegetarian Meals (₹170) wouldn’t give me much scope to write about it. If you are a fussy eater like me who gives priority to taste more than hunger, then you might not enjoy this. Care has been taken to make each gravy unique but either the masala wasn’t right or it wasn’t cooked properly making the gravies unenjoyable.

The spicy notes in their Attiraichi Milagu Sukka (₹200) was pretty good but the meat pieces weren’t good enough for a Sukka. I hardly got any meat in my serving of the Sukka. Karuvepillai Iral Varuval (₹190) was under cooked and was returned to the Kitchen. When it was served back, I had lost the appetite to continue eating it. Karuvepillai Iral Varuval was more like Mint Chutney Iral Pirattal than a Varuval. Vanjiram Fry (₹240) had a good Masala covering but it was raw and surely needed a minute or two more on the Tawa. Elaneer Payasam (₹110) and Paneer Soda (₹30) are the only things that I liked.

Totally paid ₹1454.

Address and location:
91/J21, 3rd Ave, Block J, J Block, Annanagar East, Chennai, Tamil Nadu 600102.
044 4286 4522


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