Sengani Sappatu Kadai, Kasimedu:


I so wish I could tightly hug “My Chennai”… I love it more and more every time it throws some great food treasures at me. Whenever I conclude to myself that I have exhausted the food scene of Chennai, My Chennai showers me with more food trove. Kasimedu, is a place that I’ve not explored much but when I heard about “Koodai Soru”, I decided to land up to experience it, first hand.

You can find many vendors who are selling “Koodai Soru” in this side of the town but Sengani Sappatu Kadai was the one that was highly recommended by locals here. So, this lady’s shop is situated in Thiruvalluvar Nagar part of Kasimedu and she’s a quiet known name here, for her food.

She starts her day very early and buys catch(es) of the day from the Kasimedu Market and she cooks everything by herself. She starts serving by 11 AM. Her name is Dhanalakshmi and according to her this place is almost 70 years old. It was started by her Mother (who is no more) and she’s been helping her mom since she was 10 years old. Today, she is 68 years old, she says. The shop is open almost on all days except when she’s not keeping well or has some personal work, she said.

The concept is simple. You get Rice, Fish Curry and one Padhartham (Aka Side Dish). She also serves Sambar, Rasam and one Poriyal of the day. She didn’t make fuss to serve more to those who asked for extra servings. I must add that the Fish Gravy was outstanding in taste. Cost of this is ₹100.

The day we went the choices of Padhartham were:
1. Paarai Fish Fry (A bit over cooked)
2. Prawns (Plate-licking good)
3. Kanava Aka Squid (Perfectly made)
4. Crab Fry (Looked and tasted good)
5. Gravy Fish (Didn’t taste)
6. Karuvattu Kuzhambu (A friend who had it gave thumbs-up)
7. Mutton Liver (Didn’t taste)
8. Mutton Gravy (Didn’t taste)
9. Masala Egg (Looked inviting)

The place is small with hardly any seating. Would recommend to people who are fussy about ambience and handwash to do takeaways.

It certainly was a revival of the adventurous-food lover-in-me moment. The experience has given me a fresh start to look for more hidden gems like this that we may be overlooking.

Totally paid for ₹700 for 4 people along with a truckload of takeaways😬.

The lady wasn’t confident of giving her number as she didn’t want to be disturbed. Yet, we convinced her to give it to us. In case of enquiry for direction you can call her at +917338918493. Requesting you all to respect her privacy.

Approximate Pin to the Location:
Unnamed Road
Unnamed Road, Pudumani Kuppam, Royapuram, Chennai, Tamil Nadu 600013


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