Sea Salt, Nungambakkam:


Note: This write-up is based on my revisit. This is more like an invite as I didn’t pay for my meal.
I’ve known Chef Harish Rao, the brain behind this place for a couple of years now. I’ve been mesmerized by his food even from his Avartana, days. He carries a strong knowledge of deep South flavours and what I like most about him is that he plays around with local ingredients a lot. Nothing fancy, but one can find deep-rooted South Indian influence in his style of food making
One great example about the way he conceives his is the Uthukulli Butter flavoured Lobster. I was skeptical to try this during my last visit and had settled for Thokku Style. But, this time around I braved it. Lobsters tossed in Uthukulli Butter and Shallots with slight hint of Peppercorns is sheer genius. It’s strictly for those who like mild flavoured food.
Another, distinct dish in the true blue Chef’s style is the Yera Choru. This flavoured rice carried the right amount of necessary spice powder to make you drool about it every time you think of it. Prawns were fresh and plump. Kari Soru (No Picture) with strong Ghee flavour with soft Mutton Pieces, is highly recommended too. The Chicken Ghee Roast with it’s Byadgi Chilli notes was brilliant. Craving to have it again.
Ordered the Madras Style Fish Curry this time as during my last visit Fish Curry was the only dish that failed. This time, I must say, it was impressive.
Attaching pictures of the other dishes devoured by my friends and me.


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