Pulusu, Anna Nagar East:


I have a weakness for the word ‘Pulusu’. The mere mention of this word makes me drool. It has the same effect on me that an image/vision of Pickle does – a direct connect to the senses that induces the effect called “Mouth Watering”. Okay, so when I was having my Rayalaseema food cravings I decided to give this place a shot. Overall, it wasn’t an overwhelming experience as I thought it would be. But, yeah… manageable. Buttermilk and Fryums are served on the house after you are seated.

Naatu Kodi Sangati Pulusu Combo (₹266.67) was one of my reason to visit. Even though salt was less in the Sangati (for my liking), one dip in the Naatu Kodi Pulusu and it was totally satisfying. The Brinjal and the Gongura accompaniment to the Sangati Combo was delish. Payasam was good. The other reason to visit Ulavacharu wasn’t available. And since, Sangati was only for experiencing (in Chennai), my friend and me settled for Vegetarian Meals (₹285.72 for 2) which was pretty decent. It had all the works of an Andhra Meals starting from Podi to Pappu to Gongura Pachadi to Avakaya Pickle. But, I was only licking the Gongura Pachadi more than any other element from the Meals.

Gongura Mamsam (₹257.14) was a total let down. It had no hint from the Sorrel leaves at all. Avakkai Chicken (₹219.05) was decent. Honestly, wasn’t too sure of what to expect in this dish so, I couldn’t conclude if I liked it or not. Royyalu 65 (₹238.10) was addictive and I think I popped more Prawns 65 than my friend.

Even though I would have loved to have some traditional dessert to polish off the meal, there were only Cheesecakes and some other options available. Tiramisu (₹180.50) sounded safe to order. Surprisingly, it was very good here and it exceeded our expectations.

Total bill was ₹1520.

Address and Location:
# 7, First Floor, 2nd Ave, A Block, Annanagar East, Chennai, Tamil Nadu 600102
044 4232 6678


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