Madurai KB Konaar Mess, Alwarpet:


I think, I have some deep Karmic connection with Madurai. I get excited as soon as I hear any food related connection with Madurai. And so, it is but natural that I rush first to try when the famous chain from Madurai opens an outlet in Chennai. The famous KB Konnar Mess from Thallakullam and Simmakkal is the latest addition to the food scene in Chennai. I can’t confirm if it’s the original famous Simmakkal Konnar Mess, though.

I must be becoming more wise (foodwise) day by day. So, the word Biryani in the menu doesn’t excite me anymore. Settled for Non-Vegetarian Meals (₹170) but didn’t try any on-the-house gravies. Ordered Ayerai Meen Kulambu (₹220) separately, which proved to be the most apt accompaniment to the piping hot steamed rice. Don’t forget to try the complimentary Crab and Seafood Thokku. The experimental side of me shouldn’t have tried Ayerai Meen Omelette (₹240), as the prickly taste isn’t something that I could appreciate.

Mutton Kola (₹30/pc) was good. Could have been certainly better. But, the Prawns Milagu Roast (₹250) and Nandu Milagu Fry (₹250) were out of the world. Vanjaram Meen Fry (₹250) was pretty decent.

Konar Mess and Kari Dosai are synonymous with each other. But, the Mutton Kari Dosai (₹230) didn’t convert me as it’s fan, this time.

Total bill was ₹2090 with multiple orders of the above mentioned items as takeaways.

Address and Location:
Apn Building, 16/23, 1st Cross St, Alwarpet, Chennai, Tamil Nadu-600018.
044 4868 6777


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