Infusions, Ram Nagar, Coimbatore:


Sometimes, the most unexpected decisions can bring about most pleasant experiences in life. Infusions, the place caught my eye on my way to my Lunch Place ” Sree Vidya Meals Room” in Coimbatore. The facade was attractive and I mentally bookmarked that if I have the time before my return flight, I should check this place out. Incidentally, I met the owner of Infusions, Mr. Arun Vishwanathan, the young entrepreneur at the lunch place and after a small chat it was decided that my friend and me will try to drop in and check their offerings.

I think it was the best spontaneous decision of that day. Infusions is more than just a Chocolate Lover’s Paradise. It’s a Chocolate Connoisseur’s Dream Paradise. In this Bean to Bar Chocolate bar😬 rare combinations like Raw Mango and Chilli Chocolate, Beetroot Halwa Chocolate, Moringa & Lemon White Chocolate etc are not only mind boggling but they are Palate Tickling also. Got to taste a few of them and I must say, I’m more than impressed. I’m now a fan of the place. Oh! Did I mention that their Mango Lassi Chocolate is an Award Winning Product? And, just half way through your first bite you’ll know why it won so many accolades. Chitra’m is the brand name of their Chocolate range.

Along with a few product that I tasted, I tried Alphonso Mango & Green Chilli (₹42) and Filter Coffee (₹42) from their display. But, what stole the show (personally) for me is their Cacao Dalliance (₹200). A mouthful from the slab of Cold Chocolate Ganache along with the Vanilla Ice Cream would leave you with Heavenly taste. And, the crunch from Nuts is a Value Add. Totally paid ₹335 for these.

I left the place with a heartache that I couldn’t try their Hot Chocolate as I was already tooooo full from the heavy lunch and chocolate overdose but I’m glad Infusions is going to be in Chennai in August for me to try their Hot Chocolate.

If you are interested in trying out the Chitra’m Bean to Bar Chocolate range in Chennai, Infusions is having a Stall on August 2nd and 3rd in Chennai at Hanu Reddy Residency in Poes Garden.

If in Coimbatore, the location details are:

Infusions – Chocolate Redefined
No.7, Sathyamurthy Rd, Opp. Esjay Hospital, Ram Nagar, Coimbatore, Tamil Nadu 641009
098438 06006


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