Hallelujah Unavagam aka Akka Kadai, Pattinapakkam:


Disclaimer: Certainly, not for hygiene conscious people.

I know not when this Akka started this shop. But, many people have been telling me about this place for quiet sometime now and how it’s a tough competition to a certain another Akka Kadai on the other side of Marina Beach. I do remember reading a couple of write ups about this place, too. This Akka Kadai is in Pattinapakkam along the sea facing stretch. Might not be easy to miss the place because of the crowd thronging there.

Menu changes depending on availability, I’m told. Unlimited Meals is priced at ₹50 and a plate of side is priced at ₹100 each. The day, I went (Mind you, it was not Agni Natchathiram and yet it was scorching heat) there were Prawns, Nethili, Sora Puttu, Sankara Fry etc. One can skip having Meals here and dive directly for the Sides.

Undoubtedly, the Prawns Fry were the best out of the lot and totally addictive and yummy. There’s a quick sprinkling of some Masala Powder (on all side dishes) that acts as a taste enhancer. Sankara Fry was top-notch. A friend of mine loves the Sora Puttu, here. I didn’t taste it, so can’t give proper comments about it.

There are a few tables in the eatery. But, my strong recommendation will be for takeaway of their sides. Totally paid around ₹650 along with some takeaway (I can’t remember exact details now).

Behind Marina Lighthouse. Take the long beach facing stretch. A few meters after you cross the Fish Market, you’ll find this place on your right.
Block A1
Foreshore Estate, Chennai, Tamil Nadu


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