Curry Box, Anna Nagar West:


I saw/read about this place somewhere which I can’t recollect now and then later during a conversation with someone in Instagram they mentioned about how they liked their visit to this place. I’d immediately zeroed in on this place and waited for an opportunity which came sooner than I had planned/expected. Sitting right next to Amala Mess in Anna Nagar, this place is very easy to locate. A few tables, a very quick service with pretty decent ambience.

A friend and me ordered Non-Vegetarian Meals (₹100) and Curry Box Special Meals (₹250), respectively. There was no description in the Menu but the waiter was quick to explain the difference while placing the order. Now, the issue here is since both the Meals were brought together in Terracotta Pots, we weren’t sure which belonged to which type of Meals. If my memory serves right, Non-Vegetarian Meals comes with Mutton Chukka and My Curry Box comes with Chicken 65 & Egg. I’m sorry but it was too confusing so, I’ll go by with whatever I ate/tasted.

Started the lunch with the Naatu Kozhi Rasam (₹100) which was simply outstanding and was more like a curtain raiser to how the meal is going to be. When the Gravies for the meals arrived at the table, everything looked the same but each one carried a different flavour and was exceptional in taste. Very pleasantly surprised and I must say, I truly enjoyed a proper Meals after a long time. Fish Gravy, Mutton Gravy and Chicken Gravy all 3 were too good. The Mutton Chukka that came with the meals was good while the Chicken 65 was okayish. Rasam was good even though it had turned cold by the time I reached for it.

Sankara Tava Fry (₹140) was perfect. Mutton Kola Urundai (₹120) was spicier than necessary. Karuvattu Thokku (₹100) was loaded with taste.

A small suggestion if the Management of Curry Box is reading this. Instead of serving the Gravies in small pots (quantity is too much for a single person) please try to serve directly on the plate. I’m pretty sure there is a lot of wastage in this method of serving.

Address and Location:
Curry Box
AP-783, 1st St, G Block, Ranganathan Garden, Anna Nagar West Extension, Chennai, Tamil Nadu 600040
044 2619 1919


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