Benjarong, Alwarpet:


Note: The portions/presentation in my pictures might vary from what is actually served in the Restaurant. This write-up is based on multiple visits during trials.

We are in the era, when a Restaurant’s life span is very short lived. And, I’m sure many will agree that consistency is the biggest challenge in this industry. Benjarong, has easily breezed into it’s 20th year and also has been recently honored by the Thai Select committee (certificate awarded by the Department of International Trade Promotion, Royal Thai Embassy). Benjarong is making Chennai proud and also putting us in the food map Pan India. And now, the team has rolled out a new Menu and I must add, that the new dishes in the menu are quite interesting, ones that an Indian Palate will be pleased with.

A meal here shall always start with the DIY “Miang Kham”. I just love it and can never get tired of it.

I can already tell you that the Tamarind Juice and the Thai Iced Tea are going to be hot sellers, here. Guava Breeze was good, too.

Kaeng Liang (Goong) was a total revelation for me. I was taken aback with the mild flavours in the broth and the presence of Pumpkin adds a mild sweetness that made me love it more.

Under Salads I can never miss the Som Tam. But moving beyond that, the Namtak Neau with it’s chunky Barbecued Beef body and a touch of spiciness from the chilli is a must try.

The name Rhoom to me sounded Sufi 😬 but it’s actually Prawns hiding being Egg net. Gai Pan Oiy is Minced Chicken on Sugarcane. The thai version is fried and not Grilled unlike it’s Vietnamese counterpart . Dumplings don’t get featured in a Thai menu much but Gui Chai is the only exception. It had a nice scallion flavour that I liked.

Do not miss the Glass Noodles main course dish – Gai Ohb Woonsen. The texture of the noodles defines the words silky smooth. Khao Pad Gae Hem was totally new to me and it was addictive. It had Salted Lamb in it.

Under desserts Khao Niew Mamuang, the traditional Pandan flavoured Sticky Rice with Mango can’t go wrong here. Gruay Tod (Banana Fritters) would be my favorite, though. Sriracha Chilli Ice Cream will start trending, soon.

P.S: As this was part of trials, didn’t pay for any of the meal.


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