Ammayi Veedu Pot Cook, Siddhapudur, Coimbatore:


Planned a few hours trip to Coimbatore and I knew I’ll have time for some leisure breakfast. A year and half back when my friend and me visited Coimbatore there wasn’t any Non-Vegetarian Breakfast places available (or at least we couldn’t find one). This time around Google threw 2 names – Ammayi Veedu and Aghaaram. Ammayi Veedu has been a name I’ve been hearing recently in the food circle and I decided to check it out for Breakfast over Aghaaram after a quick consultation with my friend Kovai Neram.

Tantalizing Non-Vegetarian Menu and I’ve to say the breakfast there was most satisfactory with native Kongu flavours in the dishes, I ordered. Idly with a Non-Vegetarian gravy was on cards for sure. Paired Idly (₹15/pc) with Mutton Chops (₹120) and Kal Dosai (₹30/pc) with Nenju Elumbu Kuzhambu (₹190). The former had an edge over the latter, maybe because it was more spicier and went well with the Idly combination. Whatever the reason, I thoroughly enjoyed it. Naatu Kozhi Uppu Kari (₹250) reminded me how much I’d missed Coimbatore and it’s native flavours. I wish I had more appetite to finish just that dish alone all by myself. It was outstanding in taste.

Washed down all of the above with the help of a Nannari Paneer Soda (₹22/bottle). Totally paid ₹761 for 2 people’s breakfast.

Address and Location:

No:138, Avaram Palayam Rd, Siddhapudur, G K D Nagar, New Siddhapudur, Coimbatore, Tamil Nadu 641044
0422 421 0258


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